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royal attitude status in english

royal attitude status in english:english status is common among people ,

 Royal Status in Hindi & English on s mostwhatsappstatus are for those people who want to live their life in a royal way like a prince. Royal attitude Status for WhatsApp and Facebook  in English are the ones you post on WhatsApp and FB so that while checking your status they scratch their head and think about your royalty. Two Line High Attitude Royal Status for Boys in English are very helpful to show the attitude to the mean girls who think they are like an angel in this world. One Line best Royal attitude prince Status for Girls in english can be shared as story by the girls for all those boys who know to play with the hearts of the Innocent Girls. royal status in  english are for those friends who are very proud and full of attitude and they feel like I m something in this world. Want to make your GF or Bf laugh then do share with them Funny Royal Status for Girlfriend / Boyfriend to see them smile. Royal Status for Him / Her can help you to express your feelings for Him or Her in a very royal way.

they are mainly designed with quotes ,messages,inspirations etc.

here are we to provide you royal attitude status in english

1.two lovers in rain have no need of an umbrella                      

2-whole night we will spend looking at the moon having her hand in mine

best royal attitude status

3.i had a heart it once was true,
                                 but now it's gone from me to you

take care of it as i have done,

                                  now you have two and i have none.

english attitude status for boys and girls
4-you know you are in love when you don't want to fall aseep,

        because reality is finally better tahn your dreams

5.when you see a falling star tonight,

          make a wish it will come true 

                                                          because i wished and i found you.
english love status

6.i'll love you until the day after forever

7.i love my life because it gave me you,

                               i love you because you are my life.

8.soft music around us ,love in the air,

                          lights are dim,i am with him....i love him.....

breakup status for boys and girls

9.heart is empty without love.mind is empty without wisdom.eyes are empty without dreams.and  life is empty without you.

wonderfull english royal attitude status...

10.you are with me, when no one is here 

11-you are romantic tide,who made my heart wide,

                               wish you be my bride and make my life pride.

12.true friends are for real life,

until the end, they are more than special,

they are your best friends,

they are the one you can go to when you are in despair.

13.come live in my heart and feel my desire,

                       write romantic story in hearts dyer

14.you know you are in love when you dont want to fall asleep,

            because reality is finally better than dreams

break up status                              
16.three seconds to say i love you,
                           three hours to explain it ,and  life time to prove it
17.i love being loved by you

18.true love stories never have endings

.sad status for whatsapp and facebook

19. from the day i met you ,there was like a connection between and it will be fore ever.

20.the greatest gift of life is friendship and i have recieved it.

21.A true friend sees the first tear....catches the second and stops the third.

22.i 'm a big believer in accepting yourself and not worrying about it.

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